Don't have time to think?

There is only one thing in the world that is more expensive/ more dangerous/ more seductive than thinking.

Not thinking.

The temptation is huge. We are busy. We have to do stuff - stuff that shows. We have to get results. We don't have time to think.

Take time to think about that.

What are you doing while you are too busy to think? How much of it will you remember in six months (much less six years)? Thinking is not the only important thing we do, but we do very little of importance without thinking. Time is a limited and non-renewable resource. We know that if we spend too much time thinking, we miss opportunities. If we spend too little time thinking, we do not even know the opportunities are available.

Tomorrow, be aware of the balance between thinking and doing. Give yourself time to think. Notice that the time you spend thinking is going to accelerate your progress when you get back to doing.

Notice you feel better when you have time to think.

You have time to think.


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