Late night and too little sleep

What do you do when you find yourself nearing a crash? We all hit bumpy parts of the road. For a time, we pretend that the bumps add excitement or we more simply grin and wait for a smoother path. After a time, the bumps take their toll. What happens next?

The central challenge in life is not to find the smooth path and it is not to choose bumps for the sake of bumps. The central challenge is to be shaken by the bumps and still be ready for the smooth path when it appears. The central challenge is resilience.

Life is not about bouncing: it is about bouncing back. The bouncing is inevitable. The bouncing back is the product of choices.

You are not the bumps: they happen to everyone sooner or later. Some are, no doubt, rougher than others. Yet everyone gets jostled and bruised. Everyone gets confused.

You are the choices you make when, jostled and bruised and confused, your feet find solid ground. You are what the bumps could not shake loose.


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