Double edged swords and other blessings

I'm currently doing a lot of work on resilience - more than I would like in some ways. Working on resilience means beginning with the presupposition that stuff is going to go wrong. Or recognizing that stuff is going wrong. Either way, resilience is not entirely a desirable gift.

Unless you do not have enough of it. We've all been there. The days when we get knocked down and we have no idea how to get up again. The days when we look up and realize we have no idea where we are or where we were going. Those days.

On those days, we scrape together whatever resilience we can find - sometimes without worrying much about whether it's enough or where it came from. We take one step, hoping it's the right direction. We look in the mirror and muster some curiosity about what we see there.

It can seem that building resilience is like asking for trouble. It can seem like a good plan will get us by without the need for so much resilience. It can seem like we can cut corners.

We cannot cut corners on building our resilience. Life happens - to everyone - on a regular basis. You cannot predict exactly which obstacles, interruptions and distractions you will face. You can predict that something predictable or something unpredictable will arise and get in your way. You can predict that you will need resilience.

Fortunately, building it feels good. It is not like building resistance (which means hurting a little at a time so you will be prepared for the big hurts). Building resilience means finding a base and then bouncing on it.

Resilience means having bounce. And bounce is fun.


Chris said…
Hey Linda,

I've been reading this blog regularly and it is always providing me with an interesting perspective on things, and good NLP lessons.

I also wanted to get the word out that Mike's hypnosis CDs are now available online at

Hopefully this will be of interest to the NLP / Hypnosis gang that reads here. BTW, that website also links back to NLP Canada, which is nice.


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