The most important sales tip

Sales is both an art and a science: there are lots of process-driven, metric-driven practices for measuring success in sales. If any of them worked perfectly, there would be fewer of them.

No one can say for sure that you will or will not make a sale on any given day. Occasionally, I buy something because I need it NOW. On those occasions, relationships don't matter as much as the availability of the product at a price I am willing to pay.

Most of the time, relationship is the only thing that matters. Without some kind of positive connection, I will not be around long enough to know whether or not your product is worth buying. When you connect with me - when you show a) that you are interested in connecting with me and b) that you are at least partly capable of understanding my priorities, then I am willing to think about whether I trust you enough to do business. If I trust you enough, we can talk about the product.

Of course, if the relationship is truly engaging, the sale will be made if I am qualified and you have a product I want. There will not be any need for dazzling gimmicks or giveaways. I will buy at a price that gives you a reasonable profit so that we can do business together.

If you want to sell to me, connect with me.

It's not easy but it's pretty simple.


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