Tulips on my desk

In the midst of an endless to-do list (even on Sunday afternoon), I stopped at the garden centre and bought two pots of tulips and one of hyacinth. Some of the tulips are just starting to bloom.

I replaced the dried flowers in the vases in my living room with pussy willows and lavender and roses. They sit under a print of one of our favourite parts of the north shore of Prince Edward Island.

Hurry up please. It's time.

It's time for spring. It's time for maple sugar and pussy willows and puddle-stomping. It's time for mucky yards and raindrops and grey skies and blue skies. It's time for knowing that life shoots up in us at the least likely moments.

Hurry up please. It's time.

It's time for vibrant signs that we do not need a new beginning - because what we want has been biding its time and waiting for us and with us.

Hurry up please. It's time.


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