Spring sweaters

There are probably parts of the world where spring means you no longer need sweaters. Not here. Here, spring means wearing a sweater without adding three more layers. Somehow, pulling on a sweater and feeling warm enough lets us know that the world outside is a friendlier place.

My flowers are tougher than I am. There are bunches of tiny purple crocuses (croci?) under my living room window. The little white snowdrops are out, too. They are instantly present and in bloom when the snow melts above them. How do they know it's spring while they are still snow-covered?

How do you know it's spring? How do you know it is time to climb out from under winter and face the world, fresh and lively and hopeful?

Maybe you are ready the way the flowers are ready. You have been biding your time, all the while growing fresh shoots and new beginnings. Maybe you need a little help; you are ready to change your colours if not to give up sweaters altogether.

We talk all the time as though change is hard. Some changes are.

Some changes are as fresh and natural as the snowdrop crocus waiting under the snow.


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