What's the difference between work and play?

I had one of those conversations today when someone (a young someone) told me that what he wanted was to make enough money in a short time so that he would not have to work any more.

Do you remember summers when you were a kid? I do. Long, long, endless days. Sometimes in the rosy glow we often put on childhood. Often long, endlessly dull days, waiting for something to happen, something to do.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy.

That's one way that work and play are similar.

If you are lucky, there are more ways. Better ways.

Think of a time you came out of a long meeting so wrapped up in thoughts and actions that you dove in at your computer and did not come up for air for several hours. Think of a time when you were so connected with work and work people that the end of the day came before you were ready for it. Think of a time when you worked until you were exhausted, and it felt really good.

If you cannot think of times like these, then your work is not play.

If you can think of times like these, then you have been a little bit lucky and a little bit wise. You have found a way to blur the line between work and play.


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