Power, presence and purpose

Have you found something that you were born to do, something that feels so centred and so right that you are convinced that it makes you who you are, and that the world would be less if you were to do something else?

Many people will shake their heads wistfully and say that they have not found such a thing. Many will not be sure such a thing exists.  We are never sure it exists: except in the rare and compelling moments when we feel it.

We do feel it - it's not possible to prove that everybody feels it, but most people feel it - from time to time, or maybe only in a moment that passes too quickly.  Flow is more than being so caught up in a thought that everything else fades into the background. Flow is being caught up in a thought that means - a thought that has purpose.  We feel it, and we think it, and then we step into a different flow: the flow of change.

You were born for both these flows: the flow of presence, when you are aware of your purpose and the flow of power, when acting out your purpose subjects it to change.


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