Getting the most (work) from my holiday

In just over two weeks, I will be on a plane to Paris.  It's already very exciting. I am already seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting.  

And. . . I am already thinking about leaving my business for more than two weeks.  

Those of you who work alone or in small organizations know what I am talking about. So do those of you from bigger organizations who habitually have more to do than hours to do it in. Like many of you, I love what I do and I love it for lots of hours.  Most of what I do cannot be done by someone else.  

For two weeks, my work will not get done.

I have a choice. I can leave part of my brain at work while my body goes to Paris or - I can focus on how much I love my business and then leave it for two weeks.  In those two weeks, I can know that the best thing I can do for my business is to gather fresh resources - to experience my holiday fully and joyfully and playfully.  When I come back, all those fresh stimuli will have attached themselves to my goals for my work.  

Guess what I plan to do?


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