When you are having one of those weeks

Sometimes it's only a day.  Sometimes it's more than one day.  Sometimes it's even a season.  We all have them: times of disruption and frustration when we notice everything that works against us. At the time, it seems like everything is working against us.

When we jump out to look at our lives logically, we become aware that much is still going right. We are able to breathe, to talk, to move, to make decisions.  Most of cause and effect is still working as we expect.  We are still right more often than we are wrong.  If only we felt right.

First (and second and third), take some slow, relaxing breaths.  Look out at the sunshine (even if you need to look at a picture of sunshine).  Really notice colours and sounds and flavours.  Notice that you can tense each muscle, and that you can let them unwind.  You are not entirely in control but you have not been entirely in control on your best days, either.  You can live without complete control.

Patience is a virtue, they say (who says?).  What will patience teach you about how to get what you want?  If you knew that these hassles were moving you forward, you might endure them with patience. Know that these hassles are moving you forward. Know that you are pitting yourself against problems you can master so that you can develop the strength and the flexibility that you really want.  Notice that you can cope with things you do not like.

You can deal.  Deal.  

Yes, the world was really this annoying yesterday.  It will be this annoying tomorrow.  With a little resolve and a little luck, tomorrow you will be too busy to notice.


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