Clarity, Elegance and Power

If you looked at the title of this entry and assumed that you can only have two of the three characteristics at any one time, it is time to reconsider your beliefs.

Clarity and elegance: yes.  These both describe a kind of beauty pared down to its essence, an ascetic aesthetic.

Elegance and power: yes.  Like big cats on the prowl or the sportscars modeled on them. Lean, mean, accurate.

Clarity and power: yes.  That moment of calm in the storm when you gather strength and get the job done.  We've been there - or admired someone who has.

Now, again: Clarity, Elegance, Power.  What does that look like? sound like? feel like?  It is hard to put all three together, hard to believe that the power and clarity can be held together and apart by a concept as lean as elegance.

Power and clarity, bound by elegance. Ability and desire, governed by intelligence. The bow, the arrow, and the hand that moves them.


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