Back after a break

Actually, back after intensive training and then, intensive catching up - at home, at the office and with preparations for the college term about to start.  There is lots to do and lots of different kind of pressure - some of it the kind that holds me up and keeps me together.

The final day of our masters' training was precisely my favourite kind of relaxing: four of us gathered, focused, moving our attention deep and wide, laughing, eating, pondering.  At the end - the end of our ninth consecutive day of training - none of us wanted to break the spell to leave.  None of us wanted to be as tired as we suspected we would be when the relaxation of the day turned into a day without that external pressure to keep us up and keep us moving.

It's been less than a week since we finished, and yet it seems far away, a retreat from multiplicity into shared reflection and the flow of experience.  

Thank you again, masters.  


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