How relaxed can you get while reading this?

As you sit and read this screen, the muscles in your eyes are working; your head is held at an appropriate angle by specific muscle tension in your neck and your shoulders and your back.  You are probably sitting down, which means that a few muscles work appropriately to keep you from falling down.

And as you become aware that each of these muscles is functioning precisely as it needs to function, you can choose to let go of all other tension.   As your awareness moves only to these words and the muscles that allow you to read them, your feet and your legs can drop out of your awareness.  You can choose to notice that you feel curiously and pleasantly light, as though you were floating in place as your eyes move across the screen.

You can choose to relax completely, knowing that the muscles in place will continue to function appropriately and that you will remain seated comfortably, focused only on the screen and your ability to allow your attention to float outside your body, moving over the screen as lightly as the dust from a dandelion moves in the wind.  You can pretend to float behind yourself, reading over your own shoulder and noticing with curiosity the heaviness with which your arms contact the chair or the desk, the looseness between your shoulders, and the slowing of your blink reflex.

Wow, you can say to  yourself as you read these words.  I feel completely relaxed.


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