Relaxing in zero gravity

I wonder what it would be like to be relaxed in zero gravity.  It sounds wonderfully stress-free, doesn't it.  To float, gently, without resistance.  Imagine if there were no weight on your shoulders - because there was no longer any weight. Not your weight. Not weight around you or on you.  Weightless.

And still, as you float, you have questions.  Do you feel your muscles tensing? Are they resisting the lack of resistance? Are you trying to get anchored, to get some traction?  How do you move in a gravity-free environment?

If you really want to float free, you have to give up knowing that there are things  you want to stay in place.  You have to give up knowing that it is comfortable to be substantial, to be strong, to be firm.  To float free, you have to allow your mind to be as weightless as your body.

In space, your brain is not heavy or light. In space, your brain is weightless.

Imagine that your thoughts were as weightless as the brain that makes them. Imagine that your thoughts have substance without resistance.  Imagine watching them drift through your mind with appropriate momentum.

Imagine that once you set your direction, nothing would weigh you down. Imagine that just a nudge in the right direction could create all the momentum you need.

Imagine relaxing into zero gravity.


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