When the days fly by

This morning I am putting plans in place - for September.

Where did the summer go?  Two weeks in Europe turned into a July spent almost entirely indoors.  The rain was gentle and the training was intense and it was almost all good.  But how did it get to be August so soon?

The way to hold a moment is to live it fully - wide awake and fully engaged.  The more attention we give a moment, the more seems to be happening.  Time slows down so that we can notice how much we are noticing.

There is no way to hold a day or a week or a year.  The big units move relentlessly.  Sometimes they disappear because we are so busy. Sometimes they disappear because we have done almost nothing.  They just keep moving.

So August will inevitably become September, a little more quickly than we would like. A little more quickly than we are ready for.  Let it go.

Just hold on to this moment, and the next, and the one after that.  One moment, fully lived, at a time.


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