Every new beginning

"Closing Time" (by Semisonic)  says that "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."  Too true, especially on Labour Day.

Summer is over. Summer is in full bloom. It's finally hot and sunny - just in time for September. 

Childhood, like summer, is short and sweet and a time to build memories to last through cold, dark days.  It ends in stages - often marked by a change of school in September or that first September when there is no school.  It ends with beginnings that are eagerly awaited and celebrated with new clothes, new activities, and sometimes a new place to live.

It's hard to tell whether an event is an ending or a beginning, a graduation or the first day of school.  The lines blur.  We move on to new things by moving on from known things. Sometimes we will the change and sometimes it happens to us. 

What beginning are you living and what ending are you leaving as summer winds down into fall? All change - the ones you plan and the ones that you accept - require energy.  Where will you find yours?  Are there friendships you need to make or to deepen? Are there memories you need to tap? Are there spaces you need to make ready?

Take a moment as one beginning ends and find the resources you need to step into the next beginning.  They may be packed away with the fall clothes and the school supplies, and they may have gone up in price (like the gas in your tank).  Find them. Make ready.  Tomorrow will be time for another new beginning.


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