Handling disappointment

You wake up the day of the big meeting, primed and ready. The phone rings. The meeting has been rescheduled.

You wake up on your birthday. You have no plans.

You go out for dinner at a favourite restaurant. The service is unusually harried and the same dish you always order is less satisfying than usual.

What do you do next?

We are all disappointed - perhaps because we expect life to be imperfect and perhaps because life is imperfect whether or not we expect it to be. We all want things we do not get exactly as we want them or exactly when we want them.

Do you cry it out? Blame it on someone else? Suck it up and deal with the rest of the day?

I wonder what would happen if you tried an entirely new strategy. . . if you stepped out of the frame and into a new, clearer space. I wonder how long you could stay in that other state - focused or energized or simply aware of your body in this place and this time. I wonder what would happen if you noticed what you expect and then surprised yourself.


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