Step up. . . in a moment

You know that moment. The problem is intractable. The tension builds. You see what is needed and hope that it will fall to someone else. It seldom falls to someone else. You can give up or step up. So you step up.

Stepping up means picking up your feet and moving. It means loading up the weight, so that you feel the challenge in your back and your thighs. It takes a lot of energy to step up. It takes strength and focus and letting go of whatever you are leaving behind.
Stepping up is hard work.

What if you could make a third choice in that tiny space of possibility between the moment the crisis appears and the moment you choose to act?

Take a breath. Allow yourself to notice that you have what you need. Allow yourself to notice that other people will offer some pieces of the puzzle. Notice that every step requires that you lift your foot. Every step begins with a step up - and you have taken millions of them already.


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