Shake it up! It's time for a change

You can feel it in the air. . . it's not quite summer anymore (in Toronto, it was not quite summer all summer, but even here we feel the transition). For many people (teachers at all stages, parents and students) it is the real beginning of the new year.  Even people far removed from school feel the momentum as people return from the summer break and get back to work.

It's easy to drive our heels into the ground and refuse to let go of summer.  It's easy to claim every available moment to pretend that we are as relaxed and easy-going as we were in July.  It's easy to notice the fall without engaging it.

Change is coming.  You can jump in with a splash and enjoy it - or you can be overwhelmed by it. So why not look around and make change you like. Rearrange the furniture; paint the walls (or the town!) and move your body - to the gym, to a class, to a gathering of smart, interesting people.

Start preparing for a year you will like.  Get busy!


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