Sometimes you don't need a solution

There are times when you are pulled in different directions, times when you have questions that require answers and problems that require solutions and you're not entirely sure where to find what you need. What happens if you stop looking?

At moments when I have just enough energy and resolve for one more thing, I sometimes am wise enough to use that energy to go to a place where I do not need answers. Sometimes, I don't even close my eyes. I just take my attention back to the rocks at Cavendish and watch the waves of the ocean as they pound into the rocks. I breathe deep. And I allow myself, like the rocks, to dissolve just a little bit. I become part of a solution of salt and water and sea creatures and sand and me. I smell salt in the air and on my skin, and breathe in the spray and breathe out the tension.

Then I look with clearer eyes and see that the beach has been replaced by the one thing I need to do next.


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