What would you take to a dessert island?

One way to think about what keeps you moving is to ask yourself this question: "If I knew I would stranded alone somewhere (food and medicine provided), what would I take with me?"

Pretend you are going to a space station or some other remote posting. Leave aside the issue of the people you need, and think about the tools that you use to keep yourself moving. Is it music or books? physical exercise or the tools and materials necessary for a particular craft? If you were packing to be self-sufficient for a long time, what would support you?

You might wonder why you need to know. Wonder how much of those essentials you are allowing yourself now. Wonder how you could use them more effectively to keep you resourceful and motivated and fully alive. Wonder why something so important gets left out of your schedule so often.

You are stranded alone. It's the nature of life. Sometimes other people help; sometimes they hurt. Sometimes they give you the push you need, and sometimes they pull on your ankles. You are the only one who lives inside your skin. You are the one who lives with all of your decisions. Make a decision to pull together precisely what you need to keep moving.


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