Back on the edge

As I consider my own business, I am aware that we are walking a very thin edge - and that many others are walking the same edge. It is the nature of a business to move - we do not have the option of clinging to the edge and waiting for something to change. Work is a verb - when we work we keep moving and when we move, we make choices.

I wonder how you are making choices now you are uncomfortable, incongruent, maybe even afraid.

The world would be a gentler place if all our edges were wide and soft and only a short way above safer ground. They are not. We are called on to make choices when we are not safe and not comfortable. We make these choices all the time. The question is: what makes the difference between good choices and bad choices on the edge?

One answer - provided by both history and experience - is that when we cannot trust our instincts, we trust our principles.

Another way of looking at this is that there are some situations in which we know we cannot be congruent and yet we know we must act. When we cannot be congruent - cannot get a good 'gut' feeling or cannot get a clear vision or cannot get the voices in our heads to speak in harmony - then we need another yardstick for judging decisions. Our unconscious minds come looking for input from those newly developed executive functions in our brain.

What principles or beliefs will see you through this winter?

Think about them. While you may not feel congruent about your choices, you can use congruency to test your principles and beliefs. And then you can make choices about how to apply those principles or beliefs to the choices facing you. You will not always feel better.

It is the nature of the edge to challenge your feelings. It is the nature of your whole mind to give you many ways to make choices so that you can walk with balance even when you cannot walk with congruence.


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