Notice the difference when you say thank you

In our trainings, we play calibration games in which we notice the difference between two states - from the inside and the outside. This weekend, practice different ways of saying Thank You. Notice the difference between saying the words with your voice and saying them with your voice and your smile. What changes when you make eye contact as you say thank you? What changes in you when you catch yourself being thankful for something or someone?

We talk more often about the need for praise than we do the need for thanks. Like praise, thanks requires that we notice something good and stabilize it. Thank you gives us something more than praise. Thank you gives us the recognition that some good things are given - that they are extras. We give praise for a job well done - we give thanks for the little bit extra that went beyond what was required. We give praise for results - we give thanks for moments in which we connect and feel better or stronger for the connection.

The more we give thanks, the more we stabilize our experience of a world in which good things are offered and requirements are met with more than required.

This weekend, say thank you. Say it and notice the difference it makes.


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