Some days you just hang in

There are days when I believe in dreaming dreams and setting goals and building. And there are other days - days when the news is scary, and the work is piling up and unhappy people are throwing their complaints at me. On those days I take a deep breath and do what I can do - I count the things I can count on.

And then I celebrate. With good food and movement and music.

Sometimes I read a book where I know the good guys will win. Sometimes I eat food that has a satisfying crunch or a deep mellowness. Sometimes I look at old family photos.

I believe in blessing. Not everyone does, but I do. I believe that a Grace beyond words touches our lives and makes them bearable. Not always easy. Not always joyful. Not always successful.

Still. Think of the way a baby smells, fresh from the bath. Think of the way rain deepens the colour of autumn leaves. Think of apples on the tree, and apple pie in the oven. Let all your focus rest in one small good thing.

And realize that the Leafs just won the season opener. Improbable victories happen. People survive one day to thrive the next.

Be thankful that you held on last time. Be thankful you are hanging in now.


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