Just get it done

I was talking to someone who was blocked. Sitting across from her, I could almost hear the voice in her head as it talked and talked and talked about how stuck she was. It was dizzying. I asked her what the voice would say if she was willing to give it her full attention. She said it would tell her to 'just get it done.'

It is a little different than "just do it." Just do it gets you to the starting line. Just get it done gets you to the finish line.

Just get it done has a reassuring cadence. The sound ends softly but firmly. It sounds complete.

As you look at your desk or your house or your Blackberry, you might have a voice in your head that races and bounces and scolds and pushes. That voice is you - trying very hard to get your own attention. Take a deep voice and actually listen to it. Pay attention to yourself.

Chances are, the voice will slow and change and focus. It might even tell you, "just get it done."


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