Stress Management

I looked at my husband and said, "I am teaching stress management" because that's what a lot of management does - creates stress.

The textbook says people get pressure conform and perform. I explained to my class that psychologists love catchy phrases. It is true that managers are, by nature, driven to exert pressure to conform and perform and are therefore responsible for much of the stress experienced by their teams.

My question for the day is this: If the role of the manager were not to create stress, what would it be?


James Thomas said…
I'd say that the role of a manager would be to create an environment of eustress.. stress that inspires people to bigger and better things; to greater efficiency and job satisfaction.

The difference is in the approach... acting as a positive challenger rather than a negative persecutor.

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All the best,

-James T.
Rob McPhillips said…
I don't believe the stress is necessarily caused by Management. The structure of capitalism is such that Employers and Employees often have contradictory aims.

However just as much stress is caused in the individual's personal life. Because they may interpret a positive challenge as a negative.

Therefore I believe the issue is in increasing the capacity of individual's to deal with stress.

The role of Manager is to look after the concerns of the company. The Individual's role is to look after his own welfare.

Of course there is a point where these meet when both sides reach a level of competency and enlightenment.

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