This week, we've been working on something special

I haven't blogged for the past 10 days because I have been busy working on our new e-book. It's a free download at the link posted above.

The subject is Getting to Know Yourself. It's obvious why personality testing is useful to other people and we often talk as though it is equally obvious why self-exploration is useful. It's not entirely obvious. Unconscious process is so brilliantly efficient that one could easily argue that we would be better off letting it run our lives. Knowing more only encourages us to step in and mess up processes that work better without thought.

We could argue that - but we don't. Instead Chris and I argue that there are many advantages to getting to know yourself better. Not the least of these is that the process itself can be quite enjoyable. Much of what is hidden from us is actually our strengths and abilities.

Take a look. Enjoy and share.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I'll be back next week


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