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I woke up today slightly agitated. My back was sore, I was tired. It was a big day. Have you ever had the feeling that you were about to find out something that had already happened? The only thing left was the act of finding out.

I have had friends, executives, who went to work with an abstract sense of something. When they got there, the only act for them was to find out they had been packaged off or that as a result of a merger they have to re-apply for their own jobs back.

I am curious, though, about some of you who have had that abstract sense that something had already happened and the only act was to find out it was something amazing.

For those of you who don't know, my dad was diagnosed with Cancer last summer and has been fighting it since then. He is 75 years old, spent ten hours in the operating room, ten days recovering and then back on his feet only to find out he had two tumours that represented two different kinds of cancer. One kind, the doctor referred to as "run of the mill". Still not sure what that meant when it comes to cancer. The other kind of cancer though was a rare form that they hadn't seen in many many years. It was so rare in fact that they had no statistical data to inform them on what medical interventions to suggest.

So today my dad and I were driving to get his first three month test results. Before we went in to see the doctor my dad said to me, "I feel good. I feel ready. I don't have a sense of whether the cancer is growing again. I just feel like it's ok."

So there we said, watching the doctor walk into the room with that folder. The folder of the test results. Two week old test results. The answer was already there we just have yet to experience the final act of finding out.

The doctor, sounding surprised said, "well, the result are good. No cancer. We'll see you again in three months."

So when you notice that you are experiencing a state you want to be free from, feel free to wake up the next day awaiting the final act of your unconscious mind notifying you that you no longer need that state now; you can take that next step toward what you want.

Today's etymological word is congruent. One of the most famous NLP words in the field. What's great about this word is that it was first introduced into thought and language around the year 1432. That means its meaning is strong and resonates deeply with people. It has been known for many centuries as the process of coming together, agreeing, corresponding with. In terms of our lives and our internal process and our relationships, it's a great feeling to have the experience of being congruent.

This is one of the primary activities NLP Canada creates in people during our practitioner training...

People always love it.

See you soon



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