Where to go from here

Way back in the beginning of NLP, there used to be a belief that in order to spring board forward one had to resolve the past. Linda and I have been playing with the idea of how far back do people go to spring forward. Especially in tough times.

Are these tough times?

They say history repeats itself, so I figured that maybe we should go back and find out how to repeat what works.

It's amazing how time can change things, forward and back. Take the word 'Art': in the year 1225, Art meant - skill as a result of learning or practice. What did you think Art was? Because when we go back to 1225, we are all artists then. Think about all the things you have learned and practiced.

Yeats said this about Supreme Art - "Supreme art is a traditional statement of certain heroic and religious truths, passed on from age to age, modified by individual genius, but never abandoned. The revolt of individualism came because the tradition had become degraded, or rather because a spurious copy had been accepted in its stead."

For some of us it will take weeks to figure out what he meant...

The next thing I decided to do was go back and look at the most famous words used in NLP and Hypnosis. How old are those words. What did they mean back then? It feels as if the older the word the closer to actual experience it feels.

Stay tuned as I go over some of those words and how they can shape using deep tradition to understand what's happening today and how we can springboard forward solidly successful.

Till then stay safe and have some kind of fun.



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