Longer, brighter days

Yes, I know. It's still really cold outside most of the time. And I know: the news is full of dark thoughts. The world is a scary place and it is hard to look forward and feel good.

Still: it's light by 6 in the morning and it's still light at 6 at night. Quite often lately, the roads have been dry and the sun has been shining. You can't help but feel - at least for a moment - that things are getting better and spring is really going to arrive. Not today or tomorrow and probably not (as scheduled) on March 21 but it is coming.

Long before spring arrives, you have a choice. Notice the cold or notice the sunshine. Notice where you are right now.

We don't live in the present - we only get to visit it briefly. We live mostly in our memories and often in our musings about things that haven't happened yet and might not happen ever. Now is happening. This is the moment you have.

It's a present.

Open yourself to it.


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