Not complicated, just powerful

When I say that each person is one tightly integrated system that includes mind, body and language, most people nod. They intuitively understand that every part of their experience flows into every other part: they know themselves as just one being and they know that it feels good when mind, body and language are all working on the same thing.

It's not really a complicated idea, although it represents a tremendously complex system. It's an idea that we all know to be true because it describes the experience we all have of being human.

It's important to take the idea and use it. What I mean is this: if you want to make a difference in the way you write, you need to change the way your writing combines mind and body. This means altering the physical reality of your language (the way it sounds and, if written, the way it looks) and altering the way your writing appeals to sensory experience. Less often, it might mean altering the balance by adding more thought to the mix of sensory representations in your language.

If you want to make a difference in the way you think, change the way you talk to yourself and the way you treat your body. The way you eat, sleep, and move (exercise) influences the thoughts you can have. So does the way you talk to yourself and other people. You can have new thoughts by changing your words and by changing your body.

And. . . when you want to change your physical experience (whether to lose weight, get in shape, or heal) you can influence the process by changing the words you use to talk about it and the thinking you do.

We are each one tightly woven system of mind, body and language. Changing any one elements changes the whole system.


Linda said…
This was a key idea in the workshop we offered last evening on Writing with NLP. Learn more about what it means for communicating with others at our one-day course on Writing for Clients (Mar 29) or our final writing evening on March 31.

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