Sleep well

Today I had a session with Kathleen Milligan of Action Hypnosis. It was an excellent example of how to let an articulate, analytical mind become quiet and focused and relaxed. This is really the purpose of hypnosis.

Hypnosis confuses people because it looks, from the outside, like sleep. Inside, it is quite different. In sleep, we are often subject to a certain amount of chaos. We rest, we fidget, we dream. We do a lot while we are asleep.

In hypnosis, we do just one thing. The camera in our mind moves purposefully; the sounds and kinaesthetics are subject to a kind of aesthetic: we are aware that we are filtering. We are not unconscious but differently conscious, expecting the best from ourselves. It's quite different than a waking state - and also quite different than the way most people sleep.

The answers that come through hypnosis are as simple and as layered as other symbols. They mean precisely what they mean. Getting to them is not work, but rest.

Imagine that. You can get to what you want by resting appropriately.


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