5 Things to Do at a Red Light

How many times a day do you get stopped by a red light? I wonder if you have thought about the best way to spend the time until the light changes. It's not a good time for a short nap. It is a good time for a little mental exercise.

The next time you're stopped at a light try one of these five tips. Begin by reminding your senses to stay alert for any change or danger. You can trust them to bring you all the way into focus when danger arises or the light changes. In the meantime, you can:

1. Take slow deep breaths until the light changes. Notice how good oxygen feels when it enters your system.
2. Say a prayer for someone else (if you don't pray, just bring them to mind with an intention of helping). Pray for people you know or people on the news that day.
3. Watch the light and the cars around you with so much attention that the voice in your head goes quiet. Discover how quickly the light changes when you focus quietly on watching it.
4. Listen. Listen to the sound of your engine or the radio or the sound of the traffic outside. Notice how many different sounds and rhythms you can hear when you listen.
5. Sing out loud - with the radio or without it. Music stimulates more parts of your brain than any other activity. Be curious about the sound of your voice.


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