Happy long weekend

Congruence could be defined as the single-minded determination we feel to enjoy the first long weekend of summer. It doesn't much matter that it is usually cool and often wet. It doesn't much matter that summer won't really be here for another month. Given half a chance, summer starts now (in our minds and in our hearts, if not in our backyards).

Here in Canada, the important part of summer does start now. It is light until well into the evening, and light when most of us wake up. We who have lived through the darkness of December are now the children of sunlight.

It's a time to be happy and hopeful, a time to enjoy being outside or getting moving or even cleaning out the winter dust and packing away the extra layers of clothes. It's a time to graduate and step into a world that feels promising.

I am always amazed at how uncomplicated my happiness turns out to be. Through all the complexity of economic challenges, of relationships, of deep thoughts - the sun shines, the days get longer, and I find myself walking with a bounce and a smile. Good weather puts me in a good mood.

Look at the wind blowing through bright, green leaves. Look at roadway medians that mix the green of the grass with the bright yellow of dandelions. Look at the crazy people pretending it's warm outside and sipping drinks on patios. Look at the kids whose soccer uniforms are still brand new. The world rarely looks as good as it does now.


Happy summer.


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