Why training can't wait

You're at a crossroads. It's time to make a choice. You need to know now.

You're in the middle of a process when you hit an unexpected bump. You need the skills and resources to manage it now.

You've been thinking about this problem for years. It runs around and around your head and your life. You're stuck. When do you need to get moving again?

The answer should be now.

You need new learning now, now when you are stuck, now when conditions have changed, now when you need to make decisions. You need to think better, and that means you need to take time and apply effort to change the way you think.

If you think that learning will wait until conditions improve, or the weather gets better (or worse) or the economy gets better (or worse), think again. Yes, you will still gain value from training later - and you'll need it because you will have passed up the opportunities you could have been developing now.

There are good reasons to put off making decisions. There are good reasons to delay processes until conditions change. There are good reasons to explore a problem until you've learned from it.

There are not many good reasons to put off good training. If you can only fine-tune one element of your business, fine-tune your thinking.


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