The Hope Symposium has a home

On September 19 and 20, 2009, members of the NLP Canada Training community will welcome participants to The HOPE Symposium, two days featuring 20 NLP-trained speakers making TED-style presentations on how they are promoting, encouraging, developing and creating hope in their lives and work. We'll be meeting in a fabulous room with beautiful high ceilings & windows at Emmanuel College, one of the University of Toronto's most beautiful buildings.

It's going to be an amazing way to launch the fall. NLP is a set of practices that creates, supports and develops hope. The practitioners we have trained are working in fields as diverse as sales, coaching, fertility, organizational development, training, IT and small business. Some of them use NLP consciously and explicitly to get results for themselves and others. Some of them have simply learned NLP lessons on how to elicit, maintain or develop rapport or high performance states and are busy creating results.

We will have a chance to learn how the model of NLP supports the belief that good things are possible. We'll hear how people trained in NLP have been brave and hopeful in their own work and have inspired others to hope for good things, too. We will play: during presentations, between presentations, and walking on the beautiful grounds around Emmanuel (and maybe, in our much-loved Queen's Park).

In anticipation of the Symposium (we decided to call it a symposium since the word's roots go back to combining good food and good conversation - an NLP Canada Training tradition!), I'll be blogging about hope at least once a week between now and September 19. Visit regularly, and watch for news on speakers, topics and new web resources as they unfold. You'll also be able to register to attend the Hope Symposium, beginning August 15.


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