I really do hate goodbye's... so....


We just finished another practitioner training. We have found a really cool way of enhancing the training experience. I am sure there are other companies out there that do this and we have a tremendous amount of fun doing it.

In the summer we normally run two simultaneous trainings. One is scheduled on Weekends and one is an intensive that runs the full week prior to the final weekend. Then we ntgr8 the two groups and what richness we have found doing this.

Today we wrapped up our double summer course and it gets to that terrible time. For me it's usually in the last five minutes of the course. In that time, it becomes almost painfully unbearable to see that the course has come to an end and we have bonded so incredibly tight with you that it's hard to imagine there won't be another day we meet again in this circumstance.

Linda and I work very hard and those of you who have NLP companies know how hard this business is, to find the right mix of people to train with. We always do and we are always delighted when we discover who next will walk through our doors and join or community of committed learners and high achievers.

This weekend there was a lot of reflecting on NLP Canada and many of you were intensely curious about our journey of being. This caused me to take a trip down memory lane.

I was standing on the front porch of our training center, across from Queens Park. The African drumming vibrating through the air from the festival in park.

Then upstairs in the trainging room I was asked how long has NLP Canada been around?

Well NLP Canada has been training in this building since 1979 the first years was with Derek Balmer and then after he passed away, by me and then luckily joined by Linda.

Together we have seen and experienced many of you as you come through those beautiful Victorian doors and walk into the front hall with that look of curiosity and excitement.

Our journey continues and yours begins the next leg with us.

So I hate goodbyes and those of you who know me, know I will go through great lengths to never say it.... just see you soon.

Our NLP Canada community is strong. It has grown strong over the years and we often meet and play and focus and continue to learn together.

So to those of you today, I will not say good bye, just see you soon.

Linda and I are preparing for the next intensive training in August. Also we are incredibly excited about the hope symposium we are planning this fall.

So many of you that are coming are as pumped about it as we are and we have a beautiful room booked just up the street from our office.

Stay tuned and stay pumped, all of us are journeying together and our paths are forever crossing and merging and inspiring....

See you soon

Chris and Linda


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