Laughter, Hope and Getting it Done

I am blessed with a business partner who has a great big laugh. It starts so deep that sometimes the only signs of it are a few bubbles on the surface. But when it bursts all the way through, everyone in the vicinity gets soaked through the skin with laughter.

To be able to laugh like that is a gift. We live in a world where we spend too much time allowing ourselves only the bubbles on the surface of that laugh. We are polite and professional and we are living on the fumes of real laughter. We need the good stuff, the deep stuff, the stuff that pulls all of our attention into the serious task of laughing really, really hard. We all need a good belly laugh - and then another one.

Laughter is not precisely joy. It comes from a place where joy is possible and shakes up our perceptions so that joy might be possible here, too. It comes from a place where energy and connection and desire are alive and abundant. It comes from a place of hope.

On September 19 and 20, 2009, NLP Canada Training Inc. will be throwing a party: for two days, we will indulge in a feast of stories about what hope is and how it grows and how much of it we can discover in ourselves and in other people. We will dream big dreams - and laugh from the belly. Mark your calendars and watch for more information on the HOPE Symposium, coming soon.


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