3 Ways to Find Your Hidden Strengths

Hidden strengths sound mysterious and maybe even a little like magical thinking. You might have read this and thought "I wish I had hidden strengths but I'm just not that deep." You might have thought "I could really use a few more strengths today." If this is what you are thinking, you are probably thinking it by yourself. Other people are the fastest way to find out what strengths we are hiding from ourselves. They often see us as more clever, more resourceful and more talented than we see ourselves.

Depending on your mood, you might not agree that people are seeing you this way now. But think of the people you admire and respect. Think of the people who have had a powerful positive impact on you. Do you believe they always knew how strong they really were?

Tip #1: Think of somebody you like and admire. Notice just one quality that you really respect in that person and spend a little time remembering times they have shown that quality. Because you have picked someone you know, you can focus on their experience as though it were happening to you. Just step into one of your memories of them having that strength as if you were them.

Tip #2: Think of a strength you would like to have. Now think of the people who know you well and ask yourself: "Who would not be surprised if I were to show that strength?" When you have identified the person who would not be surprised to find that strength in you, ask yourself "What is it about that other person or about our connection that allows them to expect this from me?"

Tip #3: Take a walk. It's hard to feel stuck while you are actually on the move. As you walk, think of a strength you would like to have and walk as if you already had it. Give yourself a booster of this quality every 50 steps or so and walk until you have learned how to keep that quality in your walk.

That's three things you can do today that will uncover strengths that will be enormously helpful to you as you make it through the things you have to do to get to the things you want.


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