Thoughts the night before a training begins

It doesn't often show, but I am always nervous on the first day of school - even when it's the first day of training. For eight days, I am going to watch this group get closer and closer - and then it will be over as suddenly and improbably as it began.

I don't train groups that make sense. I train wildly diverse groups of interesting people. They don't always have much in common except the desire to experience themselves and others with a little more clarity, a little more colour, a little more depth. They are quite often very smart people.

Tomorrow I will be the leader of a group of very smart people. If I thought teaching meant telling, I would be very nervous. It's a very good thing that I will lead mostly by asking good questions, listening carefully to the responses they get, and following the genuinely new information that finds its way into the room.

A little clean up, a little sleep, a little baking. . . and the adventure will begin.


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