Three kinds of cupcakes

It was my turn to provide treats for the office today so I made three different kinds of cupcakes - plain chocolate, chocolate walnut, and coconut vanilla. Not everyone likes walnuts or coconut but the people who do really enjoy them. At the end of coffee time, there were mostly plain chocolate cupcakes left.

If there had only been one choice, it would have been the plain chocolate and everyone would have liked them.

Cupcakes are not very serious. That's actually what I like most about them. It's impossible to take cupcakes too seriously - or to take yourself too seriously while munching on a cupcake. Cupcakes are for fun.

Choice is for fun too. It's not always about what's necessary. Sometimes it's about paying a little extra attention to making the most of the moment.

Coffee break lasted quite a lot longer than ten minutes today. And everyone went back to their desks feeling like part of something. Not because I made three kinds of cupcakes. Because paying attention and having fun is almost as sticky as the icing on cupcakes.


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