The breaks in between

We all knew it was coming. As we gathered in the sunshine for a weekend of interesting people and ideas that made us smile, we knew that it was coming. Clouds would gather; the temperature would drop. We would move from summer to fall. We would move from HOPE to the hard work of turning good thinking into good results. We knew that the world would hold a little more hope - and that we would need it.

So here we are. I am outrageously proud of what we accomplished together at the HOPE Symposium. And I am working - working hard - to balance big dreams and the chores necessary to bring them into being. A client asked the other day if I ever get stressed (some of you who know me are now rolling on the floor, laughing). I said that there is no way to outhink the requirement that we actually live our lives - everyone gets stressed and silly and impatient.

Even in the middle of the mountaintop experiences - experiences like the HOPE symposium - there are breaks. Moments when we move into or out of the room, when we gather or part, when we notice that even lovely experiences are not uniformly lovely. They break - for coffee or lunch and they break - because patterns get interrupted and attention shifts and things break.

You will not have to look far to find the parts of your work that are broken or the parts that need a break. Both are close to your awareness. Pick one and ask yourself: what one thing can I do to make a difference in this broken place? How can I create the kind of break that produces new perspective and new energy?

We knew it was coming. That's why we needed a weekend to remind ourselves. Hope is closer than it seems and easier than it looks. It often starts with a hug and a smile and just one thing accomplished.


Bev said…
Linda...your blogs always seem to be just the right thing at just the right time...thanks for taking the time to write. Bev. xo

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