Our village is celebrating next weekend

Just read and love this blogpost by Sonia Simone at Copyblogger.com. Sonia is talking about small companies who do business with a village of customers. It's exactly how I feel about our community of clients at NLP Canada Training Inc.

Next weekend, we will be gathering to talk about hope and celebrate being a community - a village. That doesn't mean we all love one another all of the time. Frequently, I watch with interest during a practitioner course as people dance around connections with people they don't especially. I especially love the 'aha' moments when people who wouldn't connect naturally suddenly appreciate each other. They find they belong in the same village.

There's a question that will be circulating under the conversations and presentations at the Hope Symposium next week. The question is: What's next? What can NLP Canada Training do now to keep this village alive and growing? You've taught us NLP, now what?

It's a great question. A business village has a business at its heart and that business needs to continue to find ways to attract and engage and grow the people it gathers. The symposium itself is one part of the answer; several of the presenters hold other parts of the answer as they join Linda and Chris in offering courses this year. There will be more. It will be in the air at a conference about maintaining the ability to trust that we can find the answers we need to build a thriving village.


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