More thoughts for thanksgiving

I sent a newsletter out this week with a thanksgiving message. But I have grown accustomed to the flexibility of doing things when I want and sending them out into the world immediately. I won't send this to my mailing list, but I want to say thank you.

If I have trained you this year, thank you. Thank you because you let me see some part of you that is strong, or creative, or shy. Thank you because I learned from you and with you.

If you are one of the many clients who is more friend than client now, thank you. You keep me going when it's hard to keep working. You make me smile. You reply to the blog exactly when I need a word of affirmation. You convince me that I am smart enough to work with people who are brilliant and resourceful and fun (people just exactly like you).

If you are my training partner, thank you. Thank you to everyone I have trained beside (you know who you are). Together is a powerful word. Whatever I do as part of a team is part of the model of collaboration and cooperation that I want to grow in the world. I can be a good trainer on my own - but I can only be a model of how much better we are when we connect because you chose to connect with me in front of a room.

And special thanks to my mom who is my business manager and my ferocious advocate and the nicest lady who ever called to remind you that your payments were late or bounced. And thank you to Tosca, our financial mainstay and balance and support who allows me to trust that the business end of business is being watched over (as if by a guardian angel - not by a guardian auditor).

And thanks to Chris - my friend and my teacher and my partner. Thanks for showing me that I think without words, and that connection is faster than thought, and that disruption can be marvellous and productive and even healing.

Thank you all.


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