30 posts in 30 days?

I noticed this morning that if I post every day until the end of December (I can even take Christmas off), I could complete my 500th post by the end of 2009. That seems like a worthy effort.

So let's take a moment and think about what it would take to make it happen. Yes, I have a computer and a data-capable cell phone so even if one is off-line, the other could serve in a pinch. I don't have much time, but it doesn't have to take much time to post. I have lots of ideas and I know more will come to me when I am writing more.

Necessary resources: check!

So what's the next useful question. Is it "what strategy will you use to ensure that you blog every day? " Or is it "what back up plans will you put in place to support you?" Or even, "what other resources will give you what you need to get this done?"

These are all very good questions. But they are not the next question I will ask myself.

That question is: "Can you imagine yourself writing a post every day this month? Can you see and hear and feel what it will mean to sit down every day and talk to the people who read your blog?"

Because. . . if I can imagine it, then I can use strategies and resources and back up plans.

It begins with imagining. With creating patterns of thought that include this achievement. With weaving it into the way I see myself and my world (and hear and feel) for the next thirty days.

As I am imagining, I can pull in useful beliefs and I can tell myself useful stories about how and why I will do this thing and what will happen as a result.

It starts with imagining. Not reasoning or resourcing. It starts with imagining.


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