Days go by so quickly in December

I am always surprised how much difference it makes when daylight is in such short supply. We do not actually need daylight for most of what we do: we have lots of ways to make light when we need it.

Yet it seems that days fly by when it's only light from 7 until 5. As much as we should be able to work as though nature is unimportant, we remain sensitive to sunlight.

Today the sun was shining - at least briefly. At lunch, I sat in a sunny window and felt warm.

Later, I walked the dog in the wind. It was not warm.

At the end of the day, those moments of connection with the natural world are more vivid, more memorable, than the hours spent on email or working my way through the Christmas boxes in the basement.

It's interesting to take a moment to think about the uncontrollable factors that sit at the edge of our awareness and change what we see.


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