Feasting with friends

This is traditionally a time for feasts. In northern climates, it's a time when the harvest is complete and we are much less weary of winter than we will be six weeks from now. There is still some magic in fluffy snowflakes. And, in the world where pioneers lived, there was a better chance of having food for the feast than there might be later.

Feasts suggest abundance and they suggest thoroughly enjoying each other's company in a way that the more formal 'dinner party' does not. At feasts, there is so much food that food is not the only point. Feasts remind us that food is best enjoyed in good company with good music and good stories.

Sometimes it is said that enough is as good as a feast. Most of the time, it's not true. It is true that a feast can be created with will and imagination and only just 'enough' ingredients.

Tonight I am making a feast because I have been working too hard and too long not to thoroughly enjoy a break.

Want to come?


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