Last night I wrote about spring

My last post ended with spring and today the weather is spring-like. It's mild and the sun is half-awake and gentle. Another day of in-between time. A time for gathering and weaving the dreams that will grow in 2010.

It's a little overwhelming, in Canada, to think about big dreams as January looms. Most of us are so caught up in getting through the winter that it's hard to clear the way for accomplishment. The snow we clear from our driveways is not as heavy as the snow that slows our mental footsteps. It takes an almost heroic denial of the obvious for Canadians to believe that nature is a natural environment for human well-being.

So today is a double blessing. Clear and mild, it is an invitation to dreaming, to feeling comfortable enough to turn intention and attention away from the winter. A day to believe that what you want is possible.

So, what is it you want to do next? You don't have to have a really big dream - no matter how big the dream, you have to start with the first step. So start with a step that feels right.

You might even put a little spring into your step.


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