Three wishes

If you could have three wishes, what would they be? There are always rules on wishes. The first rule is that these are wishes for yourself: you can't make wishes for other people. The second is that these are your only three wishes. There is no way to make more.

What would you wish for yourself as a new year begins?

I wish for clarity of purpose: to know what meaning I am trying to create through my thoughts and actions.

I wish for kindness: to be gentle with the people around me and to add something sweet or lovely to their lives.

I wish for - and the third wish is the hardest. The one that excludes all other possibilities. I wish for strength; I wish for grace; I wish for persistence; I wish for whatever it takes to move forward with imperfect strength and imperfect understanding. I wish to be in the presence of beauty.

Choosing one does not necessarily mean not having the others. But it means not wishing for them. It means letting go of certainty and trusting I will find them on my own.

I wish for faith.

Three wishes to change what is in me so that I change who I am and how I am in the world.

What would you wish?


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