Dreams, outcomes, chores

We are, a little tentatively, beginning the long hard work of renovating the kitchen. I understand that some people actually enjoy doing things like a kitchen reno, despite the money and the costs. Some of them are installing a 'dream' kitchen.

Even in a different space, I wouldn't spend much time dreaming about my kitchen.

In fact, my outcome is for my kitchen to become so functional that I don't notice it at all. I just notice what I'm cooking.

I'd like that. But it's not likely either. As creative and dynamic as I am, without a dream to drive me, I accept limitations.

The limitations of this kitchen in this house mean that it's not going to be entirely functional. Not even if I do everything right, have great design advice, and really good contractors. Which is a lot of "ifs."

If I do the best job possible of renovating this kitchen, I will have the satisfaction of a chore well-done and a more functional kitchen.

I do not underestimate the value of chores well done. As I contemplate marking and laundry and vacuuming, I appreciate that I enjoy the results of chores well done.

But they are chores. Not dreams. Not even outcomes.

A contractor today told me I would be "inspired" by a shiny new kitchen to get rid of clutter.

I sure hope she's better at renovations than she is at predicting influence.

I will be pleased and maybe even a little excited by a kitchen that works better. But not inspired to change.

Change requires a dream - or at least, an outcome.


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